Monday, March 14, 2022


 Our first shipments of plants arrived last week and our first round of website updates is done! This means you can start to order some plants; though we're only enabling ordering for plants as they arrive or come out of dormancy. Industry-wide shortages are going to be a thing for awhile and availability status can change last minute and we'd rather do as little refunding as possible. So as we update the store, we'll post updates here as well. The biggest round of updates should happen late next week. 

Here's the list of plants that are available for purchase now: 

Anemone 'Apanfarrh' FANTASY™ RED RIDING HOOD PP28799

Carex 'Silver Sceptre'

Dicentra spectablis 'Hordival' VALENTINE™

Helleborus WINTER JEWELS® Apricot Blush