Monday, April 25, 2022


Several updates at this point, not just inventory! 

We finally got everything planted for spring. This is pretty late for us, but it was unavoidable due to delays in the supply chain. Our pots and potting mix arrived 3 weeks late; this isn't anywhere near as bad as other businesses have dealt with, so I won't complain much. But it does mean that some things won't be ready until the end of May. Luckily I did have some mix and pots leftover from last year, so I wasn't at a complete standstill. 

Compounding that delay was cold weather, which we're still experiencing. I know we're not alone in this experience, much of the country has had cold weather; we had temperatures in the teens last week! Our heater has been acting up, or more accurately failing to act; so we did hold off on planting some plants that would be very susceptible to freezing. On top of that we had a structural failure in last weekend's 50mph wind, and the greenhouse became a 24 degree wind tunnel! Luckily most of the plants are ok or will recover. 

The good news is that it looks like most things overwintered pretty well. The few things that didn't winter well have a history of not wintering well and aren't surprising. Things are starting to wake up and we're starting to update that inventory, which you'll see below. With some sun, the plants should be looking pretty good in two weeks or so. Hopefully we have some sun! 

Our first event of the year is MAY 1st! We'll be at Boerner Botanical Gardens in Hales Corners for their Art in the Gardens fair. We'll have some cool plants, come chat with us! Buy some plants! Buy some art! See the Magnolias and other early spring plants blooming! 

The last of the new plants for 2022 have arrived and are now planted and we have some of last year's inventory to include in this update. Now available in the store:

Primula pauciflora (Dodecatheon pulchellum)