Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Summer Update - Bad News, Sale!

We're nearly through getting caught up with spring shipping. 2021 has been incredibly busy with a record number of orders, and a cool spring delayed plant growth and our ability to get orders out until recently. If you haven't heard from us, check your spam folder for automated USPS tracking info. We've shipped nearly everything USPS again this year and there have been surprisingly few delays.

I just added a bunch of new plants to the website. A few are on the small side as they were meant to be available later summer or next spring. A few other plants are still on the small side due to our initial cold spring. I've tried to note this in descriptions or with pictures, but feel free to ask if you're not sure.  

For those who haven't been following along, last year I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. 2020 was a rough year of surgery, hospital stays, and chemo. I had my 6 month checkup CT scan last week and it looks like I have more of the same in my future; I have a 5cm mass that will need to be taken care of. If we've talked recently, you know that I've been mostly feeling good; so this comes as a bit of a shock. 
    Last year I kept the nursery open and operating during all of that and shipped on a delayed timeline. It was hard. It was frustrating. I don't want to do that again. Things are still a bit up in the air regarding scheduling etc, but I suspect I'll be mostly out of commission the rest of the shipping season. So, we're going to run a sale and ship material out as efficiently as possible until I need to close the nursery for the season. Having less plant material to deal with will make life easier this summer as I go through treatment again. We WILL still be shipping out orchids in October, so if you have Cypripedium on order with us, you will still get them! 
    So what's the sale? If you want to come by and shop by appointment in person, everything is 50% off. I obviously have some appointments and will try to be getting away to see some friends before I need to be a shut in the rest of the year, so appointments are necessary. Just message us on Facebook, email us, or use our contact form here on the website. 
    If you want to place an order for shipping, all new orders $125 and over get 50% off using the coupon code CANCERSUCKS! at checkout. Why the $125 minimum? Simply put, smaller orders are more costly for us to process and ship. 
    I'll keep this sale open as long as I can ship material. Currently I have the coupon set to expire on July 5th, but I will either extend it or close ordering early depending on how my schedule evolves and how many orders we get. 

Thanks for all the support and patience over the last 18 months. We really appreciate it!