Wednesday, March 17, 2021


The official first day of spring is a few days away now. Soil, pots, and miscellaneous supplies arrive on Monday and our first plants arrive later next week. Tags for those plants have already arrived and we're getting excited!

Last year saw unprecedented sales for the horticulture industry. Retailers sold out of stock as quickly as it could be gotten. This year is no different so far and our sales are up tremendously even from last year. THANK YOU to everyone who has already placed an order! Increased sales nation-wide has led to shortages in the industry - even for mundane items like soils, mulches, tools, etc! We've already sold out of some plants. If you're browsing the website and thinking about placing an order, I encourage you not to wait too long. If we don't have something you're looking for, get in touch; it might be something we're interested in selling! Even if we can't get it this year because of shortages, we already have shipments of new plants booked through July of 2022! 

We are still adding items to the site for spring. We just added some of the Feathered Friends Ajuga series. There are some other plants that we'll add once they arrive next month and we get a look at them. And I'll be placing an order for a few more yet this week and will add them as soon as I can. 

The Covid-19 pandemic is still a problem but is slowly getting under control. We are offering nursery pickup by appointment this year. I am still immunocompromised after last year's chemotherapy; masks and distancing will be required regardless of vaccination or health status (I'm hoping to get mine soon!). If you can't or don't want to wear a mask to pick up plants, then please select the shipping option when checking out. We are also looking forward to participating in events that follow public safety guidelines. We're happy to announce that we'll once again be at the Green Bay Botanic Garden Garden Fair in June! If you organize or know of an event that we should participate in that will follow masking and distancing guidelines this year, please let us know. I'm hoping in 2022 we can have more normal events, so feel free to contact us for those future events too!