Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New and Returning Plants for 2018!

We've been working on getting the catalog updated for 2018! We have more new items than ever before! This is a tentative list, you can find descriptions of all of them and pictures of most in the store or you can follow the links.

Actaea 'Hillside Black Beauty' - sold out last year, more are on the way!
Astilbe 'Chocolate Shogun' PP26430 - returning after several years absence
Athyrium 'Godzilla' - sold out last year, more are on the way!
Brunnera 'Alexander's Great' PPAF - sold out EARLY last year, many more on the way!
Helleborus 'Dark and Handsome' - sold out last year, more are on the way!
Heuchera 'Georgia Peach' PP19375 - sold out last year, more are on the way!
Hosta 'Brother Stefan'  - New, Hosta of the Year 2017!
Hosta 'Lakeside Paisley Print' - New, Hosta of the Year 2019!
Hosta 'Natalie' - Rare!
Hosta 'World Cup' - New, Hosta of the Year 2018!
Leucosceptrum japonicum 'Silver Angel' - Returning after many years!

Every year we try to streamline our processes to make it more efficient, more affordable, or more convenient for us to do what we do and for our customers to shop with us.
In the past, we've opened up our website for orders right around now. This invariably led to having to send out refunds when we had crop failures or there were shortages from our suppliers. This is always disappointing to everyone involved. This year we've got the website updated with what we expect to have in stock, but we have everything set to out of stock. We'll set everything to in stock with appropriate quantities in March when new plants arrive and we have a better idea of winter survival of last year's stock.
If you absolutely can't wait and want to reserve something, you can! Simply email us or get a hold of us via Facebook and let us know what you want to order. We'll start an invoice for you, payable in late April or early May.