Saturday, November 28, 2020

Fall Updates

 2020 has been quite a year. We were frozen until May which really delayed shipping, we also had a fair bit of winter mortality because of the late freezing weather which meant refunding quite a bit. The Covid-19 pandemic cancelled pretty much every plant event in the country. We underwent a platform change for Square which caused some technical issues. On top of all that, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and underwent surgery and treatment, which caused further shipping delays. Despite all of that, we didn't have as bad a year as we could have; thanks to wonderful and patient customers and suppliers! 

2021 is already shaping up to be a better season. I'm ordering more plants to make available and slowly working on getting the website updated. The pandemic hasn't gone away and there's no telling what the events schedule will look like, but I suspect in person events will be a ways off. We're hoping to have limited pickup available at the nursery for any who want to stop by.

I'm including the entire tentative new plants list here, but some highlights include Cypripedium orchids for fall shipping, Primula Belarina series, Aquilegia Kirigami Mix, and of course more new Heuchera and Hosta! We are, of course, done shipping until May now, but Gift Cards are available in the meantime. 

This list is very much subject to change as there are industry-wide plant shortages, some of them won't be available until Fall. I'll post another update when this is finalized and the website is finished.

Anemone Wild Swan
Aquilegia Kirigami Mix
Astilbe Ostrich Plume
Athyrium felix femina Lady In Red
Calycanthus Athens
Carex appalachica
Cypridpedium Schoko
Cypripedium Barry Phillips
Cypripedium Emil
Cypripedium Frosch's Mountain King
Cypripedium Gisela
Cypripedium Michael
Cypripedium Sabine
Cypripedium Tilman
Cypripedium Victoria
Epimedium Pink Panther
Fothergilla Blue Mist
Geranium Crane Dance
Hamemelis mollis Pallida
Helleborus California Dreaming
Helleborus French Kiss
Helleborus Maid of Honor
Helleborus Rio Carnival
Helleborus Vegas Nights
Heuchera Bronze Wave
Heuchera Frilly
Heuchera Frosted Violet
Heuchera Green Spice
Heuchera Paris
Heuchera Peachberry Ice
Heuchera Pink Panther
Heuchera Stainless Steel
Heuchera Timeless Night
Heuchera Toffee Tart
Heuchera Wild Rose
Hosta Ambrosia
Hosta Appletini
Hosta Crumb Cake
Hosta Fruit Loop
Hosta Guardian Angel
Hosta Hudson bay
Hosta Lakeside Paisley Print
Hosta Lemon Zinger
Hosta Millennium
Hosta Parthenon
Hosta Pixie Vamp
Hosta Poseidon
Hosta Waterslide
Hosta Wonderland
Hydrangea serrata O Amacha Nishiki
Iris pseudata Yarai
Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford
Parrotia subaequalis
Podophyllum Kaleidoscope
Polygonatum odoratum Ruby Slippers
Primula Belarina Blue Champion
Primula Belarina Lively Lilac
Primula Belarina Nectarine
Primula Belarina Pink Ice
Primula Belarina Valentine
Schizophragma hydrangeoides Moonlight
Syneleisis aconitifolia
Thalictrum Black Stockings
Tiarella Pink Skyrocket
Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea'