Friday, January 11, 2019

New Year, New Plants!

The online store is more or less up to date. There's a possibility we'll add a few miscellaneous things yet. Like last year, we'll start accepting online orders some time in March. If you see something you want to order before that, just send us an email or message on Facebook and we can start an invoice for you. Here's the list of new plants and *plants returning after an absence:
Adianthum pedatum - Maidenhair Fern
Astilbe 'Amber Moon' - False Spirea
*Astilbe 'Moulin Rouge' - False Spirea
Astilbe simplicifolia 'Sprite' - False Spirea
Brunnera macrophylla 'Hadspen Cream' - Bugloss
Brunnera macrophylla 'Sterling Silver' - Bugloss
Carex platyphylla - Silver Sedge
Corydalis lutea - Yellow Corydalis
Elymus hystrix - Bottlebrush Grass
*Epimedium 'Domino' - Barrenwort
Epimedium 'Pink Elf' - Barrenwort
Epimedium 'Spine Tingler' - Barrenwort (Available in mid-summer)
Epimedium x perralchium 'Frohnleiten' - Barrenwort
Epimedium wushanense 'Sandy Claws' - Barrenwort (Available in mid-summer)
Hakonechloa macra 'Albostriata' - Hakone Grass (Available late June)
Helleborus 'Black Tie Affair' - Lenten Rose
Helleborus 'New York Night' - Lenten Rose
Helleborus niger 'Snowbells' - Christmas Rose
Heuchera 'Apple Twist' - Alum Root
Heuchera 'Grape Timeless' - Coral Bells
Heuchera 'Green Spice' - Alum Root
Heuchera longifolra - Long-flowered Alum Root
Heuchera 'Paris' - Coral Bells
Heuchera 'Regina' - Coral Bells
*Heuchera 'Silver Gumdrop' - Coral Bells
Hosta 'Aquamarine'
Hosta 'Because of Art'
Hosta 'Blue Cadet'
Hosta 'Blueberry Waffles'
*Hosta 'Coast to Coast'
Hosta 'Diamond Lake'
Hosta 'Etched Glass'
Hosta 'Fire and Ice'
Hosta 'Frank Lloyd Wright'
Hosta 'Gypsy Rose'
Hosta 'Humpback Whale'
Hosta 'Smash Hit'
Hosta 'Spartan Glory'
Hosta 'Touch of Class'
Hosta 'Wu-La-La'
Hydrangea arborescens 'Haas Halo' - Smooth Hydrangea (available mid-late summer?)
Lathyrus vernus - Perennial Sweet Pea
Ligularia dentata 'Osiris Café Noir' - Goldenray
Mukdenia rosii 'Karasuba' CRIMSON FANS - Mukdenia
Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis - American Royal Fern (available late June)
*Polygonatum latifolium - Solomon's Seal
Polygonatum odoratum 'Ruby Slippers' - Solomon's Seal
Porteranthus stipulates - Indian Physic
Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum - Ornamental Rhubarb
Rodgersia pinnata 'Candy Clouds' - Rodger's Flower
Thalictrum delavayi 'Hewitt's Double' - Meadow Rue