About Us

Botanophilia LLC is a small mail-order nursery located in Antigo, Wisconsin whose goal is to share the passion of plants with the gardening public. Our specialty is shade plants, but we are horribly obsessed plant geeks and grow a little of everything. We are open by appointment and on scheduled open nursery dates during the growing season. 

Nick Ternes is the resident plant geek of the operation and is responsible for propagating and growing all of the plants in the catalog. He is also responsible for the catalog content and layout. Nick has worked in the horticulture industry since 1996. In that time he developed a passion (obsession?) with new and unusual varieties as well as the tried and true.

Diane Ten Pas does everything else and is responsible for all of the administration tasks. She is passionate about healthy living, edible plants, sustainable gardening, wildlife, and the environment.

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